Re-purpose your pack & play

This is another great discovery I made on Pinterest. This site, never disappoints. I stumbled upon this great idea to turn your pack and play into a ball pit! It was originally pinned by -

 So much fun, so easy and somewhat inexpensive.

What you need:
-your pack & play ( go ahead, dig it out of the closet and dust it off)
-plastic balls ( I bought a set of 150 balls at Target for $15)

What you get:

-an entertained and happy toddler




  1. We do the same thing except with a blow up baby pool. That way both kids can get in. Only drawback is you need about 3 packs of ball and of course they go everywhere because it's only a foot high and my dog steals the balls out.

  2. Love the pool idea as well. My guy likes to throw the balls out. I would always find a few under the couch a few days later...

  3. That's a great idea!! My husband & I couldn't figure out if we should close it up or throw the toys in. I think my 2 little ones will love mommys idea!! Love your blogs Melissa.


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