Fun lunch with a muffin tin...

I go back and forth with whether I think O is a good eater or not. There are some meals he eats like it could be his last meal and then there are other meals he barely eats a bite. As a mother this is frustrating. I recently started a Pinterest board called Toddler Taste Buds. Here I pin all sorts of recipe, snack and food presentation ideas, tips and tricks for O.

Most recently I decided to add a little fun to our meal time. By fun, I mean trying a new way to present his food. So I went with the Muffin tin approach. Today's lunch was our first attempt. I decided to go with foods I knew he liked and ate well. I made a PBJ, but instead of just cutting it in quarters, I used a heart cookie cutter. I also gave his potato straws, raisins, banana slices and his favorite...2 mini vanilla wafers.

As to be expected, he ate the vanilla wafers first, followed by the potato straws. He ate one slice of the bananas. I had to coax him to eat some of the PBJ. In the end, he ended up with a slice of left over pizza (one of his fav) and a danimals strawberry/banana smoothie. So all in all he ate...we're making progress.


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