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Pesto-Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

This one's a keeper! It will be added to our list of "Go To" meals. Not only is it delicious, but it's super easy to make. The love affair with this chicken started about 10 minutes into it's baking time. The aroma of basil pesto began to seep out of the oven and fill the kitchen. I love when I leave the room and return only to be hit smack in the face with delicious scents of the meal to come. Agh, I degrees drooling all over my keyboard as I daydream of tonight's meal.

I found this wonderful recipe at the Inspired Dreamer. I tweaked and used some short cuts when making mine.

Chicken breasts
Basil Pesto
Mozzarella Sticks
Italian Bread Crumbs


1. Pre-heat oven to 325. Grease 9x13 baking dish.

2. Trim all fat off or breasts and butterfly. To butterfly your chicken breast, slice through the center of your breast, but not completely through. You should then be able to open your breast like you would a book and it should resemble the shape…

Me in 2014

In my last post I briefly mentioned my personal theme in 2014, "Being Present." You people do recognize this is not an easy task, but I am committed, which is why I am writing about it. Sharing my personal theme and goals with you is a way of holding myself accountable. Not that I expect you all to act as accountability partners; checking in on me and calling me out in moments of NOT "being present. " Unless you want to play that role, then I welcome you. I just ask that you go easy on me.

You would think "being present" would be easy, especially when it comes to my family. And it should be easy, but sometimes it's not. In this day of technology it's so easy to be distracted. And then there is everything else like laundry, cleaning, cooking, wanting to be selfish and do something for me, like paint my nails or work on a Pinterest project and so on, well I think you get where I am going here. Distractions can sometimes get the best of me. As much …

Good-bye Holidays, Hello New Year!

It's so hard to believe that the holidays are over and it's now back to the grind. For our house the holidays officially came to an end last Friday as I dragged our 8 ft Christmas tree to the curb for Saturday mornings garbage pick up. The last of the ornaments and decorations were put away and all signs of the holidays gone. It's bitter sweet. The house seems so bare without the holiday spirit and spruce, yet at the same time it looks so clean and clutter free.

This year's Christmas season was a week shorter with Thanksgiving being so late. We had 6 less days to prepare and shop! It all seemed to come and go so fast. I'll admit I got off pretty easy this year, not hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house this year. I did host the Mister's work holiday party with about 30 of his co-workers as well as the PMC holiday party and cookie exchange. Both were a lot of fun, but only 5 days apart, so needless to say, I hit the ground running this season.