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14 Days of Valentine's Series Days 1-4

Valentine's Day is what I have always considered to be a "Hallmark Holiday." There have been times in my life when Valentine's Day has been a big deal; like in the courting days (or what I would consider per-engagement) of my husband and my relationship. Fast forward a couple of years with a two year old, one on the way,Christmas barely behind us, our anniversary in January and not to mention the 4+ other birthdays and anniversaries that we celebrate that month...well you get my gist. Valentine's Day tends not to be a big deal anymore.

I personally don't expect lavish or expensive gifts from the Mister, especially after all the money we spend in the months of December and January. The Mister knows my one expectation and that is a card, anything else is a bonus!

This year, I decided I was going to get creative. My inspiration came from a pin by "We Love Being Moms" called "14 Days of Valentines for the Kids." Between this her blog post an…

Kitchen Cabinet Cork-board

I know we are all guilty of pinning tips or bunny earing magazine pages of articles we want to go back and reference. The reality is, we probably don't go back and read the articles or the pins. So in an effort to utilize some of this great information, I've created my very own kitchen cabinet cork-board.

It's no frills,but a great place me to tack up conversion cheat sheets, my on-going shopping list and the weeks recipes I will need to reference throughout the week.

I chose to start with a small one and then build on if needed. So for that reason, I bought a package of 4  small square tiles. The package came with adhesive strips to hang the tiles and were very easy to apply. Well, the truth is that while I had wanted to start small, once I went back and started printing all of the cheat sheets had pinned; I realized I did not have enough room with just 2 tiles and ended up using all 4. The best part is that it is hidden, especially in the event it gets messy and out of c…

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken

Fresh, delicious and easy are three words I would use to describe this recipe. To quote the Mister, I believe he described his first bite as  "an explosion of deiciousness" or something along those lines.

Before I go any further, I will apologize for my picture or lack there of pictures. Truth of the matter is, I was in such a rush to whip this bad boy up and get it on the table that I forgot to grab my camera and snap away. The picture above is actually the left overs I had for lunch today. Also, very yummy. Reheats well!

Now the important stuff. I found this recipe on Pinterest. It was pinned by Christy from the Girl Who Ate Everything. She adapted the recipe from Kraft Foods. I did a little adapting to the recipe myself.

-4 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (I used chicken cutlets, thinner and easier quicker to cook.)
-1/2 cup of KRAFT Sun-dried Tomato dressing, divided (Looked high and low and could not find this. Instead I used Wish Bone's Bruschetta I…

Holiday Card Keepsake Booklets

Can't throw away all of those cute cards that you received over the holiday season??? Me either! But not sure what to do with them. Don't laugh, but I have a habit of keeping cards for crazy amounts of time. Throwing them in the back of drawers, filing them away, hiding them in boxes and then eventually throwing them out. Well this year I decided to do something creative with our cards (oh and did I mention the pile I have from 2011). On Pinterest I came across a bunch of ideas to create a keepsake book of your cards. It was super cute and oh so simple.

I went out to Office Depot and bought a package of small binder ringers (1/2 inch). I already had a hole punch at home. Next, I put my cards in order (not that they needed to be in a particular order) and began punching holes. Once all the cards had been punched I put them onto the rings. The first book I made I put the cards on one by one. The second book I put the cards on one ring at a time. Does that make sense? Super simpl…