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4th of July Deco Mesh Wreath

I made this beauty last week, but am just finding making time to share about it. It's not my best work. I wouldn't coin it a failure, but it's definitely a first attempt at its finest.

Materials: -Wood letter -Paint- red, white, blue -Wire wreath (size is personal prefrence) -Deco Mesh- I used a burlap and then an actual burlap ribbon instead of mesh for my 2nd layer. -Pipe cleaners (appox. 20)- these should be the same color as your mesh. (This was my first rookie mistake with this wreath. Because I couldn't find a light brown pipe cleaner, I used a white pipe cleaner which you can clearly clearly see in the wreath.)

This was a two part project. Painting the my wooden letter and then creating my mesh wreath.
Part 1was painting the wooden "S". I bought a white "S" so all I need to do was add the red stripes, blue and white stars. I used a ruler to measure my red stripes. There is no science to this. It's really just personal preference as to how …

Spoiling our Super Hero for Father's Day

Father's Day is almost here. I was actually on the ball this year and started my Father's Day shopping over a month ago. Shocker, right? I ordered this awesome HERO DIY picture book from Thoughts In Vinyl. If you've never heard of this website, stop what your doing (well, after you read this post) and check it out now! She has such cool stuff. I found her site through a daily deals site when I ordered a pre-cut vinyl and since then, I've order a few times from her. This is the first time I've ordered one of her DIY projects and I wish I had ordered one sooner.

I was impressed with the simplicity of it. She does all of the hard work. In this case, she cuts the wooden letters and all I had to do was personalize to my liking. Instructions are included.

 I used an assortment of comic book/super hero scrapbook paper that I found in Michaels. Seemed fitting for the theme. After all, Dad is OUR super Hero!

I traced each letter onto the paper, cut and then used Mod Podge t…

Summer Bucket List

Summer has officially begun. O's last day of school was last Wednesday. On Thursday, we hopped a plane to New Jersey to visit the family. We had a blast. It was my brother-in-law's 40th birthday and the family surprised him by making the trip to New Jersey. Great way to kick-off our summer break if you ask me.

Now that we're home and getting back into our routine, it's time to make a plan for the rest of our summer. O will go to day camp for 5 weeks. It's only half days, but every little bit helps. Patrick will continue physical therapy, swim and then of course there are the MOMs Club activities sprinkled across my calendar.  It might sound like we're busy, but there is still a lot of down time to account for. So I decided to put some activities on paper to hold myself accountable and make sure we stay active. It's easy to get lazy and just play in the house, watch TV and play with the I-Pad all day. Instead I have our summer bucket list to keep us active a…

NEW POST: Leaving On A Jet Plane {Packing List}

Last week I shared our packing list for our beach getaway. This week I am sharing our packing list for an upcoming airplane trip (similar to our beach list). This time I broke it out by child and included myself on the list.

Like any list I make, it seems to grow and grow. And there always seems to be something you will forget or just don't anticipate having to bring. For instance, who would have thought to pack a baby gate for our trip to St. Augustine... I knew we had a two bedroom, but DIDN'T know it was a two bedroom townhouse. First thing we did that night was find a Wal-Mart to buy a baby gate and duct tape to tape all of the kitchen cabinets closed. Within 3 hours of being there, P managed to pull a glass bowl out of a cabinet and break it. These are the things you just can't prepare for. Luckily, we'll be staying with family(who have kids) on our next trip.

Happy packing and safe travels!