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DIY Tic Tac Toe Board

I just love when a project comes together with items you already have on hand. It doesn't happen that often, but we got lucky this time around. The boys are really into tic tac toe right now. It's a saving grace when we venture out to a restaurant for a meal. They love drawing the board, picking what color crayon they want to use and of course, who will be "X" and who will be "O."
The inspiration for this DIY tic tac toe board actually came to me when I was cleaning out and purging my kitchen. What a project that was! I was looking through my Good Will donation pile when I spotted a small wooden cutting board and thought, how can I give that a new purpose? I pulled  it out of the donation pile and put it aside. 
Fast forward a week, P and I are dropping O off at drop off there are tables of games set up for the kids to play until they break off into their groups for the day. P walks in like he owns the place every morning and just starts playing.…