O's Room Refresh

It will be a year in October since we moved to this house. I am embarrassed to say that I never decorated O's room.  In our last house, we painted and of course had a theme for the nursery. One of the reason I never did anything in this house is because we weren't sure if he would stay in that bedroom when baby #2 came. Well it's almost been a year and there is no baby #2, yet. A few weeks ago, I was rocking Owen and thought to myself how boring his room was. Most of our time is spent downstairs and he probably doesn't even realize there is no theme to his room.I still felt bad. So I decided I was going to "refresh" his room. I went with Thomas the Train theme since he is really into this right now. Below are the pictures.

My goal was not to spend a lot of money. That will come down the road when he moves into a "big boy bed."So from left to right, (picture is a little skewed), I had this frame already and I made the stats picture in word and grabbed the image from google, so simple. Next, I already had the wooden letters. I just covered them with scrap booking paper and Mod Podge. The "O" and the "N" are actually a train print. The ribbon was just to add a little pop of color. Last, was my biggest expense. I found the actually engine pictures on the Thomas the Train website. I downloaded them and printed them at Office Depot for 40. each. I was having trouble finding red and blue frames, so I bought white ones from Michael's and painted them. The frame part of this project cost me $50. So all in, I spent approximately $60! Not bad!


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