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Easy and Affordable Marker Board

This project may have taken a total of 10 minutes to do and cost me a total of $4.48, which was the cost of a 4 pack of dry erase markers and the wooden "S."

I had all of the other materials. I re purposed two frames that I had stored away and scrap booking paper I already had.

The large frame I hung in our office to make notes, the little 4x6 frame I keep in the kitchen and leave my husband little notes for him to find in the morning before he leaves for work.

Not only is this a practical project but a fun and flirty one as well.

My inspiration for this project was of course, you guessed it, Pinterest. There are multiple postings with variations of this project. Happy pinning and DIY'n it to you!

Playroom Makeover

We've been in our new house just 7 months now. Little by little the projects are being crossed off my punch list. One of the larger projects that was on the top of my list was O's playroom. We are so fortunate to have this space. I can't imagine what a wreck our house would be if we didn't have a playroom. Until recently there was completely no organization in the room besides a small book case. It was driving me crazy; all of the toys were just lined up around the perimeter of the room. Nothing really had a place.

My first step was to find an organization/storage system that I liked. Thank you to my sister Katie for her inspiration and direction. She bought a set from IKEA for their playroom. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was what we needed.

Just finding those two pieces from Ikea was already giving some shape to the room. Next was to find a paint color for the walls. I knew I wanted to be in the green family. The green was inspired by a patch on the Dr. Seuss valanc…

Valentine's Day Topiary

So Valentine's Day has come and gone, but I thought it would be fun to share this DIY project. You really could pick any holiday and theme to create one of these for. I think they make Hershey Kisses for almost every holiday and with a ton of different color wrappings.

This looks like it could be a challenging project but it was actually really easy. Above is a picture of the supplies used. 3" Styrofoam ball, a Styrofoam cone (I cut the bottom half off the cone and placed it inside my tin bucket as the anchor of the the candy stick used as the stem of my topiary. Not pictured is my glue gun, which is how I adhered the kisses. Just a dab of glue on the bottom of each kiss. I started from the base and worked my way around and up. Next time I make one of these I might try and cover some of the white areas between each kiss with some of the excess paper grass used to fill my bucket.

This was a very inexpensive project.
I bought the Hershey Kisses on sale I think they were 2 for…

Let's Not Forget What This Week is Really All About

Spring is in the air; temperatures are warmer, flowers are in bloom and the days are longer. I, like most people tend to get caught up in the commercial aspect of the Spring Holidays. I love trekking to the mall to take a picture with the Easter Bunny, filling Easter baskets, decorating eggs and trying yummy new recipes.

Earlier this week while day dreaming in the car, it dawned on me that once again I was lost in the fun of the holiday and was forgetting what we would really be celebrating . Lucky for us, we have family that celebrate both Passover and Easter. So I thought I would refresh and have a little history lesson that I could share with everyone.

Passover is a Jewish Holiday and festival. It commemorates the story of Exodus, in which the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. In the book of Exodus, the Bible tells us that God helped free the children of Israel from slavery by inflicting 10 plagues on the Egyptians before the Pharaoh would release his Israelite …

Quick Fix Dinner

I think tonight's dinner preparation may have been record time (if you don't include making PB&J). No joke, I think it took me a whole 10 minutes. Tonight's "gourmet" dinner was a good old fashion taco salad.

What you need:
We use ground turkey (much leaner then beef)
Taco seasoning
Shredded lettuce
Diced tomato (I cheat and buy the diced tomato in the produce section)
Shredded cheese
Corn chips (I used crushed tostitos scoops)

Simple as 1-2-3
Brown meat on stove top. Drain excess grease. Add seasoning and mix well. I let it simmer for a few minutes once the seasoning is mixed in to absorb more of the flavor. While the meat is simmering, I put my shredded lettuce in a nice salad bowl, layered  my cheese and added my crushed tostitos chips. Next I topped with my meat and added the diced tomato to the top.

Tasty and pretty guilt free. I like to top mine with salsa and green olives for some extra flavor. So simple and easy to pull together. Most of these items …