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Tucker the Turkey (Door Wreath)

Hello friends or should I say, Gobble, Gobble as my friend Tucker the Turkey Wreath would say. This is the simplest wreath I have made yet! You can crank this out in just a couple of hours even with kids crawling up your legs.

Originally inspired by, Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial.

What you'll need-

styrofoam wreathbrown yarn50-75 yards of yellow, orange, burgundy/red tulle (I bought by the spool, cheaper and much easier to cut) You can find at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael's Arts and Crafts and even Wal-Mart2 small styrofoam balls for the eyes1 small styrofoam cone for the beak1 sheet of red craft foam or felt ( I actually used 3 in red out door ribbon I had on hand)yellow paintblack paint or paint marker ( I used a paint marker to draw the eyes on)3 tooth picksI started by painting my beak and eye balls. I then stuck the tooth picks into them and stuck them into the wreath to dry.Next I cut my tulle. Babie Rabies has a great trick to cutting your tulle easily in her monster…

Part 1- The Elfs Arrival

The Mister thinks I am a bit crazy and rightfully so. I just can't help it...I am so excited to introduce Elf on the Shelf this year. I wanted to do it last year, but O was too young. I actually bought the Elf last year after Christmas when it was on sale at Barnes and Noble.

So here is where the crazy (according to the Mister) comes in... I am going to have an "Elf Introduction" breakfast. God bless my husband because he goes along happily with all of my crazy antics. I have to admit, this is not my unique idea. Guess where I found it? Yup, you're right, Pinterest. I was inspired by "In Between Laundry's" post, "Our 1st Elf Breakfast".

I can't wait to have the power of  "good behavior manipulation!" I know it sounds horrible, but how easy it will make life. Hopefully no more intense toddler negotiating. All I'll have to do is mention the Elf's name. Which bring us to our first order of business for this breakfast...his n…

What to Do With All Those Instruction Manuals

If you're like me you tend to hold onto all those instruction manuals that come with appliances, toys, baby gear etc. At first I use to just toss them into a "junk drawer." The good news is that I knew where to find them. The bad news is that they were unorganized and a mess, thus always making it a challenge to find the one I was looking for.

My first attempt to organize this mess was with a 2 inch binder and sheet protectors like the ones pictured below.

It actually worked for awhile, about 2 years, but then it just got out of control. The manuals became too heavy for the sheet protectors and were starting to tear. Plus the binder just wasn't big enough. I ignored the problem for some time. It was like the closet you open, shove something in and close quickly before its contents can come tumbling out. 
So my solution... a file box, file folders and tabs...viola!

Simple, inexpensive and piece of mind. Now, I can find, access and/or file my manuals quickly and easily…

Halloween Teacher Gifts

As with all of the holidays I like to give a little something to O's teachers/caregivers. It's the least I can do. I entrust these lovely ladies with the safety of my little man. The challenging part of crafting is not spending an arm and a leg on some of these projects. Sometimes I find myself in the check out line at Michael's or JoAnn's with a cart full of items and a receipt that could be mistaken for a small trip to Publix! Good thing the Mister doesn't itemize our monthly statement.

Both gifts above were super cute, simple and inexpensive.
Bugs & Kisses goody jars are full of Hershey kisses, hence the Bugs & "Kisses." I found the adorable FREE printable on Pinterest at Tammy Mitchell Designs. I printed it and matted it to some orange card stock I already had. The goody jar is actually a salsa jar that I re purposed. I was able to take of the sticker label with hot water and coconut oil (the 8th wonder of the world, but I degrees). I filled t…