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Berry Trifle

OMG! When I say this is delicious, I mean it is DELICIOUS! To sweeten the pot it is also easy to make and on the healthier side.

I found the recipe on Pinterst and pinned it from Skinny Taste. All of her stuff is just scrumptious. I made and brought this to my in-laws for our Independence Day BBQ. It was a winner. Best of all, my FIL enjoyed the fact that he was able to enjoy a treat and still be faithful to his Weight Watchers.

Next time I make this I am going to try using cheesecake fat-free pudding instead of the white chocolate pudding.  The white chocolate is amazingly good and I think cheese cake would be just as good.

* Product Endorsement * o-cel-o kitchen sponge

Never thought I'd be writing about a kitchen sponge, but I really like these sponges and wanted to share this great product.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and a lot of that time is spent at the sink. Even though we have a dishwasher, I still wash all of O's sippy cups, plates and other utensils by hand.

I have used multiple brands of sponges over the years and nothing in my opinion competes with the
o-cel-o no scratch scrub and wipe pad. One of my favorite features about this sponge is the way it feels in my hands. It doesn't have the rough scratchy feeling on the scrubbing side. The second best feature is it doesn't smell and you can wash and re-use it.. To wash and disinfect, I put it in the microwave for a minute and then will run it through the dish washer occasionally as well.

It tends to be a little more expensive then other sponges on the market, but it is well worth your money. They also come in fun colors and designs.

So throw out your old stinky spong…

I'm Back...

It has been way too long, a month exact, since my last post. I may have not been posting, but that doesn't mean I have not been busy. Very busy actually and between O, life, friends, crafting and did I mention, major computer issues; well you get where I am going.

Well now it's time to play catch up and post everything we've been up to.