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Meal Planning- It's not just a strategy, It'a way of life!

The honest truth is that when I am prepared I am successful. Now that doesn't mean that I don't give into the temptation of cookies or other treats that might be in the house. But I can say that overall, my eating is what it should be when I meal plan for the week. Meal planning can be overwhelming. The good news is that that there is no right or wrong way to meal plan. It's a matter of finding what process works for you, your lifestyle and family.

About 8 months ago, I decided it was time to take control of our eating and really focus on healthier choices. The 21 Day Fix Extreme was when I really got serious and actually followed the meal plan for the first time. Looking back, I realized, I had wasted the previous months of working out with poor eating choices. Muscles are made in the kitchen, plain and simple. I can work out all day, everyday, but unless I make the right food choices, I won't get the results I am looking for.

My current meal planning system has mult…

Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers