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Spring is Here!

For us Floridians, Spring is not much of a seasonal change (same goes for Fall). Not to say it's not worth celebrating because with Spring comes Easter and Passover celebrations as well as Spring Break for the kiddos. O is only 2, so Spring Break means nothing to us yet. We are excited for Easter though. We will be spending Easter with our families and are very excited. I have already started brainstorming and buying stuff for all of the kids Easter baskets. I am very excited to watch O hunt for eggs this year. He was still a bit young last year, but did pretty well considering. This year he knows what he'll be looking for. We took some Easter pictures this past weekend and he loved playing with the plastic egg props.

On Monday, I packed away all of the St. Patty's Day decor and broke out my Easter and Spring decor. I don't have a ton, but it was still fun putting it up around the house. Two of my favorite pieces are my Styrofoam egg tree (tutorial here) and the Happy…

St. Patty's Day Recap

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. Our lives have evolved just a bit from the good ole' days when we would spend St. Patrick's Day drinking green beer and bar hoping downtown with friends. I am happy to say this year we spent St. Patty's Day on the couch relaxing. I am a bit disappointed I was unable to pull off my St. Patty's Day dinner though. I was going to make homemade Shepard's Pie, but that didn't happen. I DO have a great excuse for not making it... one of my best friends had her baby earlier then expected. So of course when I got the invite to visit at the hospital, I jumped at it. So there you have it, instead of  making a tried and true St. Patty's day dinner, I went to the hospital to visit our new little friend and his mommy and daddy too! Don't ask what me ended up having for dinner because honestly I do not remember. Baby brain is in full swing people.

Great Gift to Give a Mom Who Already Has Children

My long time and wonderful friend, Kim made me (and O) and AWESOME gift! It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Being this is our second baby and we are having another boy, I didn't have nor want a 2nd baby shower. There really isn't a need, I have almost everything I need. Don't get me wrong, there are still things to replace and stuff to buy, but instead I had a small lunch with my mommy friends. It was so nice to have a couple of hours to ourselves to unwind and have a normal conversation without chasing a two year old.

So back to my AWESOME gift... Kim who is also pregnant and due in about 8 days has a sweetie pie little one and was preschool teacher prior to starting a family.  So she is super creative in the kiddo entertaining and development department.

Drum Roll please...

She made us SENSORY BOXES! A total of 13 (9 listed below) sensory activities and recipes to do with O and keep him busy when our little bundle of joy #2 comes along and I am trying to split my…

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

As promised in my last post... I have completed my wreath. I will be honest, I am not in love with it.

My Valentine's Day wreath came out so much better and I know why. I decided to save a few bucks and I bought a straw wreath. I left it in the plastic thinking it was make it easier to work with. I DON'T recommend this. Next time I will spend the $2 extra dollars and buy the Styrofoam wreath. Smooth surface & much easier to wrap.

At one point, I considered buying a new foam wreath and starting from scratch. It was later that night I realized that both St. Patrick's Day & Easter are in March. Say what! That's when I decided to keep going and finish the wreath ASAP, so I could start working on my Easter wreath.

We are not hosting Easter this year, so I debated even decorating. That internal debate lasted about a half a second. Since I kept all of my St. Patty's decor to our formal dining, I decided to decorate our family room & kitchen for Easter &…