Cookie Monster Cookie Toss

O loves Cookie Monster. He has this funny little voice he does and says, "cookie, nom, nom, nom" while pretending to munch and shove cookies in his mouth. It's the funniest thing ever. So naturally when I saw this on (he made this for her son's 2nd birthday party),  I knew I had to make one for O.

Fast forward to today. Being under a Tropical Storm watch and looking to keep a 19 month old entertained will get any ones creative juices flowing... and that is when I remembered pinning the Cookie Monster cookie toss.

What you will need:
-box, I used a diaper box and thought it was the perfect size.
-image of Cookie Monster, I found mine on google images.
-laminating machine (optional), but if I wanted it to last, I needed to laminate it.
-felt, for cookies
-sewing machine or these would be simple enough to sew by hand
-oatmeal, I used old fashioned oats
-brown markers, to draw chocolate chips on  your cookie
-tape, to tape my diaper box back together (I had already broken it down to throw away) & tape       Cookie Monster to my box.

Step 1. Gather Materials

Step 2. Print Cookie Monster image, laminate and cut out.

Step 3. Cookie making time... I used a spool of ribbon to trace my cookie shape. I traced 8 circles to make 4 cookies. I cut each circle out and then sewed two circle together about 3/4 the way closed for each cookie. Next, I stuffed each cookie with old fashioned oats and then stitched up the remainder of the way. Once cookies were sewed together, I used my brown marker to draw on the chips*.
* Note, all I could find was a crayola brown marker. I would recommend something more permanent, so it doesn't come off on your hands.
Step 4. Tape Cookie Monster to your box and find the perfect place to put your Cookie Monster toss.
Step 5. Grab your kids and PLAY!
Hope you enjoy this game. We did on this rainy day!




  1. You are an awesome mom!

  2. Adorable!!! B loves Cookie Monster too! I will definitely be making this very soon. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Looks fabulous. Maybe even wrap the box in colorful or printed duct tape to last longer. BTW, your son is adorable.

  4. Kelly- great idea for the printed duct tape. I will be picking that up tomorrow!


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