Goodbye Fun Summer Colors

I am heading to a weeding this weekend, so I have decided to go with a lighter nail color and perhaps a French manicure on my toes (that will be a game time decision). I can't tell you the last time I've had a French manicure. I've narrowed down my dress choices to either a navy blue or teal cocktail dress with a nude shoe. 

I am currently wearing a bright pink on my toes by Essie called "Wife Goes On," it's one of my favorite. This Summer has been so much fun for me. I've branched out and experimented with colors I would have never imagined I'd wear, especially on my finger nails. As Summer comes to a close, I'll be putting most of these colors away and shifting to my darker Fall & Winter Colors. But before I retire them for the season, I thought I'd share with you all of the fun I had this Summer.

Going into this summer, I would have considered myself an Essie Girl and for the most part, I still am. As are started to experiment with color, I also experimented with new brands as you can see from the picture above. I would have to say that my next favorite brand to Essie is now Sinful Colors. Target and I believe Walgreen's sells this brand. I like the way it goes on and dries and get this; it's only a $1.99!
So here is the rundown...
1. Loreal, Club Prive, 105. This was my first purchase in a quest for a "tealish" color.
2. Sinful Colors, Open Seas,5164. It's barely a shade off from the above color, but about $4 cheaper.
3. Revlon, Chic, 480. This color was a long stretch for me. I only wore it once. However, I did get a ton of compliments. It reminds me of a jean color.
4. Sinful Colors, Winterberry, 1056. As the name suggests its a little dark for summer. In my defense, I just bought it last week. While it's in the purple family it has a shimmer to it. I was quite surprised I liked it. This color will transition to my Fall/Winter line up.
5. Essie, Plumberry. This is a favorite and a go-to, especially for my toes. It's a mix of deep/dark pink with hues of red. After a couple of days of wear I notice that it takes on more of a red color.
6. Essie, Wife Goes On, 597. As I mentioned earlier, my current toe color. This color is also a favorite and a go-to, especially on my toes. This is more of a traditional bright pink. It's a a lot of fun and can be dressed up or just for fun!
7. Sinful Colors, Timbleberry, 108. Another favorite and more of a go-to for my finger nails. This color is in the coral family and can be very bright. I will say, I am going to miss this color. It definitely added a little spunk to my hands!
It's been a colorful and fun Summer. I am going to miss some of these colors, but I am also looking forward to bringing back some of my greys, my new Winterberry and some of Essie's new Fall colors. So much polish, so little time.


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