Florida State Football Door Wreath

I am very excited about this project. While I did not go to Florida State, I did marry a wonderful man who did. This was a fun and fairly simple project. It only took me a couple of days to complete while O was napping. I have included pictures and some instructions as well so you can make your very own Alma Mater wreath. This project was modified from a Pinterest Project pinned by Sassy Sanctuary- http://www.sassysanctuary.com/2010/09/halloween-rag-wreath.html

What you'll need:
-glue gun
-chalk (to mark your fabric to cut)
-2-3 yards of fabric (I used three different colors, but you can use more colors or patterns). This should allow for some left over fabric just in case
-18"wire wreath
-foamie sheet for letters (optional)
-wooden embellishments (optional)

1. First step is to gather all of your supplies. As I mentioned I completed this project in two days. My recommendation would be to cut all of your fabic first. You should cut fabric in to strips, 1" wide and 6" long. You can see from my picture that I used chalk to mark my fabric before cutting.

2. Once all of your fabric has been cut you can start knotting your fabric on your wire wreath. There is no particular science or technique to this. I used no particular pattern or order; I just kept switching it up. I only used a single knot. Other websites I've read suggested double knotting it.

3. Once you have finished knotting all of your fabric, it's time to add the ribbon, letters and embellishments. For ribbon, I layered mine, using a 2 1/2" garnet ribbon and layered it with a 1 1/2' gold strip of ribbon. I used a sheet of black foamie to cut out the letters spelling NOLES. I first printed these in a word document, cut them out and used them as a stencil.

4. To attach my letters and wooden embellishments (bought these at JoAnn Fabrics),  to the ribbon I used my glue gun. Once the glue was dried I glued a bobby pin to the back of the ribbon and bobby pinned the ribbon to the wire wreath. I used these same method to attach the large wooden football embellishment at the top.

My finished FSU Football Wreath



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