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My First Visit to Hobby Lobby

My list of things to do for this weekend's Easter Brunch and Patrick's birthday celebration seems to be never ending. I was a bit overwhelmed this morning and practically cried to my husband about much I had to do. Obviously I need to practice my prioritizing skills, because despite the pity party I threw for myself this morning, I headed over to Hobby Lobby after I dropped O off. I was in the neighborhood, I had to go!

I was like a kid in a candy store or better yet, a Pinterest junkie in a craft store. This was the first time I had ever stepped into a Hobby Lobby and I liked, no loved what I was seeing. Did I mention I had a sick P in tow? He was not as excited to be pursuing the aisles as I was. Poor little guy. I dragged him up and down every isle. If you've never been in a Hobby Lobby, let me paint you a picture. It's Michael's meets JoAnn's and Kirkland's all in one. I was in awe to say the least. The staff was so friendly. They kept asking, "Can…

Bunny Bites

I am obsessed with these mini bunny marshmallows. This is probably the 6th bag I have bought in the last few weeks. The first bag we bought barely made it home. O and I had finished 3/4 of the bag while walking through Target and the on the drive home. They're so good!

Being that they are so good, I thought they'd be great to share. They make an easy little Easter favor for the little ones. I made these for O's friends. They were so easy and quick to make. And while yes they are marshmallows, I don't feel as guilty giving them to the kids as I would if I was giving candy.

How cute are these?!?!

What you'll need: Mini Marshmallows Candy sticks (you can buy these at Target, Wal-Mart, Michael's, Jo-Ann's) Plastic favor bags and ties
It's so easy a monkey could do it, I swear. Because they are for the little guys, I decided to use small candy sticks and only put 3 marshmallows on each one. Simply push your candy stick through the bottom of the bunny (in the …

Some Bunny is Turning One

It's so hard to believe that in little over a week P will turn one. As cliche as the saying is, "Where has the time gone?" It's so true and such a relevant statement. The second child goes so much faster. It's like I blinked and a year has come and gone. I am sure there are a host of reasons it seems so much quicker this time around. For one, the load of responsibility has doubled. There is not always the leisure of stopping to smell the roses and taking in all of the little moments (be clear that I do try and savor as much as I can). Instead it's dropping off at preschool and dashing off to physical therapy; rushing into Publix/Wal-Mart/Target to grab just a couple of things before P has to go down for a nap; committee meetings and volunteer projects (hey, I have to have something for me); play dates and so much more. And then when the kids are in bed, the Mister and I do our best to put the house back together and share some quiet time together catching up …