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Hulk Smash with Cotton Balls

This family happens to be fans of the movie The Incredibles. It's a great movie if you haven't seen it. Check us out on Halloween. P was Jack-Jack and O was Dashiell. I made shirts for the Mister, myself and Grandma to wear as well.

The boys have seen the movie more times then I can count. So many times that they can recite lines from the movie, well at least O can. One phrase from the movie we hear often in our house is "Hulk SMASH." O likes to say this when getting undressed for the bath. He takes his shirt off and throws it to the ground saying, "Hulk SMASH." It's hilarious!

Recently I volunteered in O's classroom and they had a "Smashing Balls" activity on the playground. Immediately, I thought to myself, "Hulk SMASH!" Fast forward a few weeks, it's spring break and both boys are home sick and confined to the house and then I remembered the baked cotton balls smashing activity. It took about an hour from start to finish …

Easter Recap

Like most of the holidays, Easter came and went in what seemed to be the blink of an eye. It could be that the week of Easter was a crazy week with an unexpected hospital stay for my mom. Good news is she is home. Bad news (if we should even call it that) we don't know what the cause of the chest pains are that landed in the hospital for the week. Despite the crazy week, Easter was a hit. We hosted a brunch at my house. We were 18 with the kiddos, so it was a manageable crowd. It's always fun watching the kids hunt for the eggs. The kids range in ages from 9 years to 5 months. We actually tried practicing hunting for eggs during the week with P and despite our efforts, we got the same result as the week before at the preschool egg hunt. It was quite funny to watch. He was walking around saying, "ball" and kicking at the eggs or picking them up and throwing them. With a little assistance, he managed to get a few in his basket, only to dump them all out. Quite a show t…