Painting Trick

Let me start with a disclaimer, I am not a pro. I have painted many of walls in my days and come from a family of contractors and painters, but by no means do I claim to be a pro.

Just wanted to share this quick little tip that I found at Martha -

I used this a couple of weeks ago when painting the master bedroom. This is a project that I have been working on for some time now. Basically painting a little at a time when O would go down for a nap.

Instead of pouring my paint directly into the paint pan, I lined the pan first with foil and then pour in my paint. When I was finished, I just threw the foil away and for the most part had a very clean paint pan. There was a little paint on the lip of the pan, but much easier to rinse then the entire pan.

I encourage you to check out the link above before your next painting project. She lists a total of 9 painting tips. Happy Painting!



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