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Homemade Cookie Monster Ice Cream

Made with love... and lots of yummy ingredients! I was looking for an activity to do with O in the afternoon while P was napping. While perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke and her recipe for Cookie Monster Ice cream. The hook, line and sinker was NO machine!

We love ice cream, all of us, even P (he eats everything). We love it so much, that I know better than to keep it in the house. Instead we find any reason to make a trip to our favorite ice cream place, Kilwins. Reasons might be- It's Sunday, it's hot outside or let's go to Barnes and Noble...hey, what do you know Kilwins is next door! Always a reason.

{Adapted from Capturing Joy with kristen duke}


ice cream:

2 cups heavy whipping cream1- 8oz package of lite cream cheese1- 14 ox can of fat free sweetened condensed milk mix ins: 10 Back to Nature cream filled cookies10 Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chip CookiesBlue food coloringDirections-
Chill 2 metal bowls and beater blades for at leas…

30 Day Water Challenge- Game On!

I have recently been inspired by all of my Beach Body friends, who knew I had so many! While I am not ready to join the Beach Body family; I am learning a lot from my friends who have made the lifestyle change. I am enjoying seeing everyone's success, reading their tips and hearing their words of encouragement.

Last night while perusing Pinterest, I saw my friend Sabrina, (who is also a Beach Body coach) was pinning a bunch of information about 30 Day Water Challenges and it got me thinking. Drinking water has always been something I've struggled with. Even while pregnant with the boys, I would have to force myself to drink the recommended amount. I would leave myself notes, set alarms on my phone and even mark my water bottle with times during the day to remind me that I should have drank so many ounces by certain times. It just never came easy to me. I've decided to change that. I have accepted the challenge. I have challenged myself to drink 60 ounces of water a day for…

Spinach, Mozzarella and Tomato Quesadilla

A must try! So delicious and easy. It was an added bonus for our family because it was something I could easily make an adapted version of for the boys. They prefer a much simpler, cheese only version. Not to mention, I already had all of the ingredients (besides feta cheese) at home.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures. It's was a little crazy, as it usually is in the dinner time hour, rushing to make and get everyone fed before they turn into gremlins and their heads start spinning. The picture that I am sharing below is from The Garden Gazer. It was this photo that had me running for the grocery store to pick up feta cheese.

Photo credit: The Garden Gazer
Ingredients: -sliced grilled chicken breasts -roma tomato, sliced thin - pesto -baby spinach -low fat crumbled feta -part skim shredded mozzarella -tortillas
Directions: -Place a tortilla on a skillet over medium heat. -Spread a layer of pesto over tortilla. -Add a layer of shredded mozzarella and feta cheeses. -Add a …