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UPDATE on our Summer Bucket List!

Too long, it's been too long since I've posted. Hard to believe it's the end of July and we'll be ringing in August at the end of the week. July has been a whirlwind. I honestly can't even begin to tell you where it's gone. I can tell you we've been busy and enjoying our summer despite some stomach bug that has run circles in our house, Ugh! That is finally(hopefully) behind us and will NOT return.

Camp is over for O, so we've been trying to keep busy. Being busy = mommy's sanity. Plus it means less screen time for the boys. I am not super strict about the TV or iPad, but I know when enough is enough.

We've made it a 1/3 of the way through our bucket list. We've got a ways to go, so it's a good thing the first official day of Fall is not until September 23.

Here's a snap shot of a few of our Summer Bucket List Adventures and Activities!
The Summer Bucket List has been so much fun for me and the kids. It has kept us on the ball and bu…