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I love a good deal!

Who doesn't like finding a bargain? I know I pride myself of bargain deals. It just feels so good not to pay full price. This morning O and I ventured out to Lolliposh, a seasonal consignment sale. Last year was the first time I had attended. I was a bit overwhelmed and unprepared to say the least. O was only about 12 weeks old, I had no idea what I was looking for and roamed around haphazardly. Needless to say, I did pick up some good finds.

This year I was prepared. I had my $1 donation out and ready when I walked up to the door. I brought my own shopping bag (they provide the big Ikea ones which are nice and roomy) and a short list of what I was looking for. While I did not manage to find everything I was looking for I did pick up a few things. O got a cute Disney Captain Hook "Walk the Plank" t-shirt, he will wear to his cousin Andrew's Jake and the Neverland Pirates party as well as a Gap button down shirt, a pair of Carter's plaid shorts and a pair of Osh …

Diaper Rash- OUCH!

On Sunday night we met my in-laws for dinner at our favorite little local Italian restaurant, Pizza Time Cafe. The hubby and I kept it simple with pasta and red sauce dishes with meatballs so the little guy could eat off of us. Delicious! The portions are huge, so as usual we both had leftovers to take home. Needless to say, the three of us indulged in left overs the following night. Well, while it was great tasting, I think it was too acidic and did a number on our little guy. The last two days have been full of messy diapers, I am talking five and six a day. So you can only imagine how the lil guy's tush is looking and feeling- RAW.

A girlfriend of mine had told me about a remedy she had read about and used on her daughter. Simple, good ole Maalox. I ran out to Publix right away and purchased the store brand for just $4.99, about a $1.00 savings. After the lil guys bath, we applied the store brand Maalox on to the affected area with a cotton ball and crossed our fingers for reli…

Our Inaugural Mommy Group Easter Egg Hunt

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. While my little guy and his friends range from 14-16 months, I couldn't help but get excited to host our very first Easter Egg Hunt. Let's be honest though, it's just an excuse for me to host a lunch with my mommy friends and try out (trial run for our family Easter Brunch) some new recipes I found on Pinterest and make some cute Easter and Spring decorations.

So what's on the menu you ask?
Eggs Florentine Casserole- I found this on Pinterest, from Looks yummy! Little bit of something for everyone with the eggs, spinach, cheese, potatoes and sausage. The original recipe calls for Goetta. Apparently this is a favorite amongst our friends in Cincinnati and brought over by German immigrants (learn something new everyday).Sticky Buns- Also found on Pinterest, from The Jones Way... blog. I actually have had these before. My SIL found this recipe as well on Pinterest and made them on Christmas morning. N…

Make Room for One More Please

Oh my, here I go! My very first REAL post. This blog has been in the works for what seems like forever for me. Originally conceptual while I was still working full time and juggling the family. Then once the first of the year arrived and the count down began till I would be at home with my son full time and now 1 month and 12 days later. Seems like an eternity and rightfully so. I have never done anything like this before and while I can operate a computer, email, Facebook and all the other social media outlets; I have never created a blog. The name itself took a few months of creative juices, feedback from friends and family and then finally putting it all into action. Well here I am. Hope you enjoy. I know for me it will be fun and if anything therapeutic.