What to Do With All Those Instruction Manuals

If you're like me you tend to hold onto all those instruction manuals that come with appliances, toys, baby gear etc. At first I use to just toss them into a "junk drawer." The good news is that I knew where to find them. The bad news is that they were unorganized and a mess, thus always making it a challenge to find the one I was looking for.

My first attempt to organize this mess was with a 2 inch binder and sheet protectors like the ones pictured below.

It actually worked for awhile, about 2 years, but then it just got out of control. The manuals became too heavy for the sheet protectors and were starting to tear. Plus the binder just wasn't big enough. I ignored the problem for some time. It was like the closet you open, shove something in and close quickly before its contents can come tumbling out. 

So my solution... a file box, file folders and tabs...viola!

Simple, inexpensive and piece of mind. Now, I can find, access and/or file my manuals quickly and easily.

Happy organizing!


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