Tucker the Turkey (Door Wreath)

Hello friends or should I say, Gobble, Gobble as my friend Tucker the Turkey Wreath would say. This is the simplest wreath I have made yet! You can crank this out in just a couple of hours even with kids crawling up your legs.
Tucker the Turkey Wreath

Originally inspired by, Thom The Turkey Tulle Wreath Tutorial.

What you'll need-

  • styrofoam wreath
  • brown yarn
  • 50-75 yards of yellow, orange, burgundy/red tulle (I bought by the spool, cheaper and much easier to cut) You can find at Jo-Ann Fabrics, Michael's Arts and Crafts and even Wal-Mart
  • 2 small styrofoam balls for the eyes
  • 1 small styrofoam cone for the beak
  • 1 sheet of red craft foam or felt ( I actually used 3 in red out door ribbon I had on hand)
  • yellow paint
  • black paint or paint marker ( I used a paint marker to draw the eyes on)
  • 3 tooth picks
  1. I started by painting my beak and eye balls. I then stuck the tooth picks into them and stuck them into the wreath to dry.
  2. Next I cut my tulle. Babie Rabies has a great trick to cutting your tulle easily in her monster wreath tutorial post. My picture below shows my adaption using a cereal box.
The trick to cutting your tulle fast and easily
3. Now we're ready to start putting our guy together. You'll start by wrapping 1/3 of your wreath with brown yarn. Be sure to wrap it as tight as possible so you don't see your wreath. 
4. Next begin tying your tulle. I tied (double knot) 5 strips of tulle, alternating colors ever 5 strips for the remaining 2/3 of the wreath.
5. Next, place your turkey's eyes on the inside bottom of your wreath and it's beak in the middle facing outward.
6. Lastly, using the red craft foam, fold in half and cut out your turkey's waddle. Using your glue gun, glue to top of beak.

Ta- dah! You now have an awesome Turkey Wreath! I included the original link for this tutorial above. She gives great step by step instructions should you need.


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