Halloween Teacher Gifts

As with all of the holidays I like to give a little something to O's teachers/caregivers. It's the least I can do. I entrust these lovely ladies with the safety of my little man. The challenging part of crafting is not spending an arm and a leg on some of these projects. Sometimes I find myself in the check out line at Michael's or JoAnn's with a cart full of items and a receipt that could be mistaken for a small trip to Publix! Good thing the Mister doesn't itemize our monthly statement.

Bugs & Kisses Goody Jars

Germs are Scary Hand Sanitizer

Both gifts above were super cute, simple and inexpensive.

Bugs & Kisses goody jars are full of Hershey kisses, hence the Bugs & "Kisses." I found the adorable FREE printable on Pinterest at Tammy Mitchell Designs. I printed it and matted it to some orange card stock I already had. The goody jar is actually a salsa jar that I re purposed. I was able to take of the sticker label with hot water and coconut oil (the 8th wonder of the world, but I degrees). I filled the jar with Hershey kisses and some plastic spiders (the bugs). Instead of using the lid I covered the jar with orange tulle and used a rubber band to keep it in place. I then covered the rubber band with some cute Halloween ribbon I had left over from another project. The cute little printable was attached with ribbon as well. So simple and best of all, I already had most of the materials. The only thing I had to buy was the Hershey kisses and the plastic spiders.

Germs are Scary Hand Sanitizer is one of my favorite gifts to give. Who doesn't need hand sanitizer, especially those who work with kids. It just so happens that the Target brand hand sanitizer comes with and orange pump (I believe I've seen other colors as well). How perfect that the pump is orange and our theme is Halloween. I used the same method as above to remove the sticker (hot water, coconut oil and scrub brush). Next, I used a black paint pen to write "germs are scary" and then a white paint pen to add some white dots to dress it up a bit. Lastly, I tied a bow around the pump to add a little more flair. This cute ghost ribbon was left over from another project I had done earlier in the month.

The gifts were fun and easy to make and seemed to be well received by O's teachers.

I debating posting this since Halloween has since passed, but decided to share anyway since it could be replicated for almost any holiday.

Happy gift giving!


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