Part 1- The Elfs Arrival

The Mister thinks I am a bit crazy and rightfully so. I just can't help it...I am so excited to introduce Elf on the Shelf this year. I wanted to do it last year, but O was too young. I actually bought the Elf last year after Christmas when it was on sale at Barnes and Noble.

So here is where the crazy (according to the Mister) comes in... I am going to have an "Elf Introduction" breakfast. God bless my husband because he goes along happily with all of my crazy antics. I have to admit, this is not my unique idea. Guess where I found it? Yup, you're right, Pinterest. I was inspired by "In Between Laundry's" post, "Our 1st Elf Breakfast".

I can't wait to have the power of  "good behavior manipulation!" I know it sounds horrible, but how easy it will make life. Hopefully no more intense toddler negotiating. All I'll have to do is mention the Elf's name. Which bring us to our first order of business for this breakfast...his name. This should be entertaining and perhaps a bit challenging. In the past when we've asked O to name a stuffed animal we've gotten responses like, "Puppy." Can you guess what kind of stuffed animal it was?

Oh, I can't wait. My plan is to be prepared and plan each week out a week in advance. We'll see if that really happens. The good news is I have tons of ideas that I have been pinning over the last year.

I am looking forward to sharing our Elf adventures with all of you and seeing some of yours as well.

Elf Kisses to you all,


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