Trick or Treat Door Hanger

I saw this cute little craft on Pinterst and decided to recreate it for our door this year. I believe the rule of thumb is that if the lights are off the house is either out of candy or just doesn't want trick or treaters. Pretty simple, right? Well maybe this is not a universal rule or maybe the kids in my neighborhood are just plain relentless. The last two years living here we've had visitors after we've turned our light off. Hopefully this will help.

My inspiration came from Eleven Magnolia Lane's Halloween Must -Have: Out of Treats door sign.

My inspiration from Eleven Magnolia Lane

My spin on the trick or treat door sign
What you'll need:

  • Wooden Halloween cut out- I choose a large pumpkin, but you could pick a smaller and/or different cut out like a black cat, witches hat, bat, etc.
  • 2 smaller wooden pumpkin pieces or whichever cut out you choose
  • Paint/paint brush - I used orange since I choose a pumpkin
  • Ribbon (I choose a 2 inch ribbon to create a larger bow)
  • Chalk board paint or chalk board contact paper, which is what I used
  • Hook/paper clip
  • Glue gun

Step 1- Paint your wooden pieces. I applied 2 coats.
Step 2 - I traced the smaller pumpkins onto my chalkboard contact paper, cut out and applied to smaller painted pumpkins.
Step 3- Next I, used my hot glue gun to glue the small pumpkins back to back making one 2 sided small pumpkin. Each side should show the chalkboard contact paper.
Step 4- On one side of my small pumpkin I wrote, "CANDY" and on the other side I wrote, "OUT OF CANDY"
Step 5- Next, I measured my ribbon allowing enough length to tie a bow leaving the ends long enough to glue so I could hang my sign on the door handle.
Step 6- The last step is to a fix your candy sign. I did this by gluing a thin piece of ribbon to the small pumpkin to create a loop. Next, I did the same thing, but much smaller at the bottom of my pumpkin. I then took a small white paper clip (cut it down) and used it as a hook to hang the candy sign to the pumpkin.

Super easy and super cute! Hopefully this will stop the neighborhood kids from ringing the bell once we've gone to bed or run out of candy (which hopefully won't happy).

For my friends with small kids- this is definitely a project you can include the kids in by letting them paint the wooden pieces. You may have to do a little touch up, but they'll have fun knowing they helped make your pumpkin door hanger!


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