Reflux Sucks!

P without Zantac
P with Zantac
Having a reflux baby is the pits and I mean that in a nice way. Our little Moose, P has been on Zantac for 2 months now. It has changed our lives and most importantly his. Out of the blue, someone in our house (not me) decided he was doing so well we should take him off of it. Ummm, maybe he's doing so well because the Zantac is working, duh! Well after two days without the Zantac, P went full blown reflux monster. It started yesterday morning. I noticed his was fidgety and a little irritable. Next came the spit up after feeding and that's when it dawned on me this was all because someone got the bright idea to stop the Zantac. I was not about to wait around and see how things played out. So back on the Zantac we went. I was hoping, no, praying that the Zantac would take effect immediately, but as we know from when we started, it doesn't work that quick. It can actually take up to a week. Lord, have mercy on me, please!

Lucky for us it didn't have any impact on his sleep last night. Could we be so lucky tonight? We'll see. If our bedtime routine is any indication of how the rest of our night is going to play out...we're in for a long one. He did okay today, just a lot more spit up then usual. Bedtime was a nightmare though. Poor guy was miserable. It took 40 minutes to get him settled and to bed. I actually broke a cardinal rule tonight and rocked him to sleep. Yep, you read that correctly. I did it. He needed his mommy to rock him to sleep and I was happy to do so.

As for an update on our sleeping training/nighttime feeding weaning... we're making great progress! P has gone from 2 night time feedings to 1. The reaming feeding is down to just 2 ounces. I think tonight might be our last 2 ounce night and then I'll drop it to 1 ounce for a week and hopefully just be done all together. The idea is that he comes to realize it's not worth waking for so little/no formula. Let's hope he catches on and quickly. My goal is to eliminate the last feeding by the end of the month.

Wish us luck!


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