Kitchen Cabinet Cork-board

I know we are all guilty of pinning tips or bunny earing magazine pages of articles we want to go back and reference. The reality is, we probably don't go back and read the articles or the pins. So in an effort to utilize some of this great information, I've created my very own kitchen cabinet cork-board.

It's no frills,but a great place me to tack up conversion cheat sheets, my on-going shopping list and the weeks recipes I will need to reference throughout the week.

I chose to start with a small one and then build on if needed. So for that reason, I bought a package of 4  small square tiles. The package came with adhesive strips to hang the tiles and were very easy to apply. Well, the truth is that while I had wanted to start small, once I went back and started printing all of the cheat sheets had pinned; I realized I did not have enough room with just 2 tiles and ended up using all 4. The best part is that it is hidden, especially in the event it gets messy and out of control with all my useful information.


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