14 Days of Valentine's Series Days 1-4

Valentine's Day is what I have always considered to be a "Hallmark Holiday." There have been times in my life when Valentine's Day has been a big deal; like in the courting days (or what I would consider per-engagement) of my husband and my relationship. Fast forward a couple of years with a two year old, one on the way,Christmas barely behind us, our anniversary in January and not to mention the 4+ other birthdays and anniversaries that we celebrate that month...well you get my gist. Valentine's Day tends not to be a big deal anymore.

I personally don't expect lavish or expensive gifts from the Mister, especially after all the money we spend in the months of December and January. The Mister knows my one expectation and that is a card, anything else is a bonus!

This year, I decided I was going to get creative. My inspiration came from a pin by "We Love Being Moms" called "14 Days of Valentines for the Kids." Between this her blog post and a host of others I found on Pinterest, I have 14 super cute ideas to show my husband how much I love and appreciate him.

In this post I am going to share my first 4 days of "14 days of Valentine's"

Day 1-You Make My Heart POP!
Since February 1st falls on a Friday, it made choosing my first gift of appreciation easy. "You Make My Heart POP" is a popcorn and movie themed gift which completely falls in line with how we usually spend our Friday nights. Check out the final product below.

Day 2- Your Love BLOWS Me Away
Since the Mister likes to chew gum, I thought this would be the a perfect and simple little gift.

Day 3- Hope You Have A BALL
The Mister LOVES to golf! He actually just played in a weekend guys tournament last weekend and placed 2nd! Woo Hoo! So what wouldn't be a better gift to give on Sunday then a box of golf balls. "Hope you have a BALL at the driving range today!"

Day 4- You're Just WRITE for Me
Day 4 falls on a Monday, so I have decided to give a gift that pertains to work. The Mister is a bit of a pencil and pen snob (as am I, I love office and back to school supplies). So I picked up a pack of mechanical pencils for the office.

Hope this helps spark your imagination and creativity to do something special for your loved one. More to come in a few days!


  1. Day 1 was a success. The Mister was very surprised, especially when he learned there were 13 more days to come. I think he was a little stressed about what to reciprocate. I told him not to worry, that is not what this was about.


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