Holiday Card Keepsake Booklets

Can't throw away all of those cute cards that you received over the holiday season??? Me either! But not sure what to do with them. Don't laugh, but I have a habit of keeping cards for crazy amounts of time. Throwing them in the back of drawers, filing them away, hiding them in boxes and then eventually throwing them out. Well this year I decided to do something creative with our cards (oh and did I mention the pile I have from 2011). On Pinterest I came across a bunch of ideas to create a keepsake book of your cards. It was super cute and oh so simple.

I went out to Office Depot and bought a package of small binder ringers (1/2 inch). I already had a hole punch at home. Next, I put my cards in order (not that they needed to be in a particular order) and began punching holes. Once all the cards had been punched I put them onto the rings. The first book I made I put the cards on one by one. The second book I put the cards on one ring at a time. Does that make sense? Super simple, cheap and now you'll have a conversation piece to put out next Christmas. The fun part will be reflecting next year  and comparing the pictures and messages from year to year!

Happy Crafting!


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