Incase of Emergency

I saw this on Pinterest and thought, what a great idea! I honestly hope it is never used, but God forbid we were ever in an accident...

Rescue units arrive on the scenes of accidents all too often where the parent is unconscious and the child is too young to respond. This little cheat sheet is adhered to your child's car seat and gives pertinent information about child and parents.

I created one for each of our car seats. One for my car and one for Daddy's car. Simple project that could save a life.

On our cheat sheet I included our son's name, date of birth, both mine and my husband's names, date of births and cell phone numbers, our pediatrician's name and office number along with a statement that he has no known medical issues.

It's not a fancy thing at all (the thought did cross my mind to dress it up). I did laminate it for safe keeping.

Now what are you waiting for? Go and create one for all of your car seats.


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