We're Back!

Watching cartoons from his hospital crib.
Well it's been a few weeks since my last post. Since then a lot has happened. Sickness ripped through our house. My husband started with the flu. Later that same week, I had a 24 hour stomach bug, most likely the roto virus. That is one nasty virus. I guess if I had to look at the up side, I did loose 4 lbs, 2 of which are already back. Unfortunately, I wish that was the worse of it... About a week later once my husband and I were on the mend and back to normal, my son got sick and we ended up in the ER in Orlando. We had gone to Orlando for my nephew's birthday party. We made it about half way through, when we decided it was time to go. After 6 hours in the ER, sedation and drainage of  an abscess our little one had, we were on our way back to my SIL's for the night. The next morning we started O on antibiotics, had breakfast with the family and headed South for home. O seemed to be doing great; laughing and playing as normal. It was not until that night when we were getting ready for bed that I noticed his abscess looked ready and puffy again. I didn't waste time. I replenished my diaper bag and hopped in the car. At 2am the next morning, we were admitted to the hospital for what turned out to be a 3 day stay and treatment for MRSA. The hospital is not a fun place for anyone, especially a 15 month old who is confined to his room. Considering the situation he did great! It's not fun being poked and prodded all hours of the night. We were finally discharged on Wednesday afternoon. O is back to normal and is actually on his last day of antibiotics, hallelujah!


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