Playroom Makeover

We've been in our new house just 7 months now. Little by little the projects are being crossed off my punch list. One of the larger projects that was on the top of my list was O's playroom. We are so fortunate to have this space. I can't imagine what a wreck our house would be if we didn't have a playroom. Until recently there was completely no organization in the room besides a small book case. It was driving me crazy; all of the toys were just lined up around the perimeter of the room. Nothing really had a place.

My first step was to find an organization/storage system that I liked. Thank you to my sister Katie for her inspiration and direction. She bought a set from IKEA for their playroom. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was what we needed.

Just finding those two pieces from Ikea was already giving some shape to the room. Next was to find a paint color for the walls. I knew I wanted to be in the green family. The green was inspired by a patch on the Dr. Seuss valance I bought on Amazon. Finding the perfect shade of green was not as challenging as I had prepared myself for. Thank God, because all of our other color choices have been very tedious processes. We decided on New Palmetto Leaf, Behr Ultra color 10564. I absolutely love the color!

The last step in the process was put up the chair rail. This was a task that I was completely ready and excited to do (I love power tools!). However, that was short lived. My husband did not have faith in my skills and instead had our buddy Jason come over and put up the chair rail. So instead of having the fun of nailing them to the wall, I got stuck with the tedious task of painting and touching up.

I am very pleased with the room as it is. I can't say I am completely finished with this space. I venture there is more to come, just not yet sure what that entails!


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