Diaper Rash- OUCH!

On Sunday night we met my in-laws for dinner at our favorite little local Italian restaurant, Pizza Time Cafe. The hubby and I kept it simple with pasta and red sauce dishes with meatballs so the little guy could eat off of us. Delicious! The portions are huge, so as usual we both had leftovers to take home. Needless to say, the three of us indulged in left overs the following night. Well, while it was great tasting, I think it was too acidic and did a number on our little guy. The last two days have been full of messy diapers, I am talking five and six a day. So you can only imagine how the lil guy's tush is looking and feeling- RAW.

A girlfriend of mine had told me about a remedy she had read about and used on her daughter. Simple, good ole Maalox. I ran out to Publix right away and purchased the store brand for just $4.99, about a $1.00 savings. After the lil guys bath, we applied the store brand Maalox on to the affected area with a cotton ball and crossed our fingers for relief and a good night's sleep for the lil man. This morning when I changed his diaper, I was pleasantly surprised. The rash was about 80% gone. I am continuing to use throughout the day in hopes for a clear tush tonight.

My girlfriend also suggested and swears by a diaper cream called Dr. Smith's. It is a bit pricey at about $10.00 a pop. I couldn't find it in my Publix, but am on the hunt. I am not sure how big the tube is for $10, but when I find it, I'll share the information and feedback. Honestly, I think about the money I spend on this kid and $10.00 for his relief is well worth every penny.


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