Spoiling our Super Hero for Father's Day

Father's Day is almost here. I was actually on the ball this year and started my Father's Day shopping over a month ago. Shocker, right? I ordered this awesome HERO DIY picture book from Thoughts In Vinyl. If you've never heard of this website, stop what your doing (well, after you read this post) and check it out now! She has such cool stuff. I found her site through a daily deals site when I ordered a pre-cut vinyl and since then, I've order a few times from her. This is the first time I've ordered one of her DIY projects and I wish I had ordered one sooner.

I was impressed with the simplicity of it. She does all of the hard work. In this case, she cuts the wooden letters and all I had to do was personalize to my liking. Instructions are included.

 I used an assortment of comic book/super hero scrapbook paper that I found in Michaels. Seemed fitting for the theme. After all, Dad is OUR super Hero!

I traced each letter onto the paper, cut and then used Mod Podge to adhere. Once dry, I added multiple coats to each letter as a top coat to protect the paper. I waited approximately 10 minutes between coats.

Next I added pictures to each letter. I also used Mod Podge to adhere each picture. I did NOT coat the pictures with Mod Podge.

Once the pictures were applied the next step was to put my book together. This was a little tricky. I used a small needle nose pair of scissors to poke a hole through the paper that was cover the holes in each letter. Next, I threaded ribbon through the letters and tied it in a bow to hold the book together. Here is my finished Wooden HERO Picture Book.

In keeping with the Super Hero theme for Father's Day, I also ordered this awesome vinyl from Thoughts In Vinyl

I bought an inexpensive frame and used this awesome piece of scrapbook paper to make this sign for Daddy's office.

Did I mention we're spoiling him this year??? We also bought daddy a new black watch and the boys made this cute frame and collage at Ria's.

So as you can see, we've been busy getting ready for Father's Day. We're looking forward to all of the festivities celebrating our Super Hero Dad and the other great Dads in our lives. 

Happy Father's Day to you and your Super Hero!


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