NEW POST: Leaving On A Jet Plane {Packing List}

Last week I shared our packing list for our beach getaway. This week I am sharing our packing list for an upcoming airplane trip (similar to our beach list). This time I broke it out by child and included myself on the list.

Like any list I make, it seems to grow and grow. And there always seems to be something you will forget or just don't anticipate having to bring. For instance, who would have thought to pack a baby gate for our trip to St. Augustine... I knew we had a two bedroom, but DIDN'T know it was a two bedroom townhouse. First thing we did that night was find a Wal-Mart to buy a baby gate and duct tape to tape all of the kitchen cabinets closed. Within 3 hours of being there, P managed to pull a glass bowl out of a cabinet and break it. These are the things you just can't prepare for. Luckily, we'll be staying with family(who have kids) on our next trip.

Happy packing and safe travels!



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