Mother's Day Gifts {Bragbooks}

Since Mother's Day is just a few days away, I thought it best to share what I've been working on for our Grandma and Nina.

I've seen these brag books time and time again, but never had an interest in them. While searching for  gift ideas, I stumbled upon them again and decided to give it a shot. The best part about this project, was I already had all of the necessary materials. Bonus!

Inspired by: Eighteen25

What you'll need:
card stock  (12"x12", 1 sheet will make an album with 7 pictures)
patterned scrapbook paper
paper cutter
sticker lettering (optional, you could hand write or download sayings)

1. Cut (3) 4"x12" paper strips.
2. Score and fold every 4".

3. Glue the last fold on the first paper to the first fold on the second paper and repeat with the third paper.

4. Cut (7) 3 3/4" squares for your pages. Adhere to each page. I used regular Elmer's glue. I chose white paper because I liked the way it popped.

5. Decorate and Embellish. 
I used sticker letters, scrapbook paper and paper flowers to decorate my cover. You can also hand write or print using your computer.  (Check out Eighteen25's post for downloadable sayings to print.)

6. Adhere ribbon using glue gun to tie shut your book. I originally glued ribbon across the front of the book and wrapped around back to tie shut. I didn't like the way the ribbon looked so instead I glue the ribbon to the top and bottom of the back (shown above) and tied in the front (shown below).

 The only thing left to do is print my pictures and adhere to the pages in my brag books. Grandma and Nina are going to LOVE these.

Made with love for Mother's Day!


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