Mother's Day Gift Idea {Mason Jar Picture Vase}

Still looking for Mother's Day gift ides? I've got a couple more to share. This one is super simple and luckily I had all of these materials on hand.

Who doesn't love Mason Jars? When I saw this sweet, little project it made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Inspired by- Home Stories A-Z

What you'll need:
-Mason Jar (I used a pint size, but you could definitely use a large one, it's personal preference)
-Paint color of your choice
-Paint brush (I like the foam brushes for this type of project)
-Decorative paper scissors
-Painters tape
-Vinyl shape or sticker
-Clear paint

1. First step is to cut your picture place saver. I happen to have contact paper on hand which worked perfect. I used scalloped scissors to cut out a square for my picture frame place saver. If you have a circuit machine and vinyl, this would work as well. If you don't have any of these materials, you could try using paper and securing it with two sided tape. Just make sure whatever you uses affixes tightly so paint does not seep under.

2. Using your vinyl or sticker, place on your mason jar as a place saver for your picture. 

3. Now it's time for the fun part- painting your Mason jar. The sky is the limit. Get creative, be bold and pick a fun bright color. Think about the flowers you'll be putting in your vase when you give as your gift or the picture you'll be using. That may help you choose your color. It took about 3 coats of paint to cover nicely. The trick is waiting for it to dry completely before applying your next coat.

This is the first coat.

4. Once your Mason jar is painted and completely dry, it's time to place your picture. Remove your picture place saver. I used painters tape to tape my picture to the inside of the mason jar.

5. You're almost done. This next step was a bit of a challenge for me. Because your picture is tape to the inside of the jar, you cannot fill the jar with water. Instead you will need to find a cup or in my case, I am currently using a 4oz slim baby bottle, to fill with water and place your flowers.

And that's it! You can see the top of the bottle, which is driving my crazy. I am going to buy some small paper water cups to place in the jar. I also plan on putting a larger arrangement of flowers. We'll see what the store has. Not sure if I'll do a lower arrangement that will cover the mouth of the jar or long stem flowers like shown here. Speaking of the flowers shown here. O and his classmates actually dyed these carnations at school for us. Just buy white carnations, place some water and food coloring in glass and let the flowers drink a way. With in a couple of days, you'll have pretty colored carnations!


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