Some Bunny is Turning One

It's so hard to believe that in little over a week P will turn one. As cliche as the saying is, "Where has the time gone?" It's so true and such a relevant statement. The second child goes so much faster. It's like I blinked and a year has come and gone. I am sure there are a host of reasons it seems so much quicker this time around. For one, the load of responsibility has doubled. There is not always the leisure of stopping to smell the roses and taking in all of the little moments (be clear that I do try and savor as much as I can). Instead it's dropping off at preschool and dashing off to physical therapy; rushing into Publix/Wal-Mart/Target to grab just a couple of things before P has to go down for a nap; committee meetings and volunteer projects (hey, I have to have something for me); play dates and so much more. And then when the kids are in bed, the Mister and I do our best to put the house back together and share some quiet time together catching up on TV, reading, life and whatever is happening at the moment before we look at each other half asleep and continue what has been our routine for the last 6 plus years, "You ready to go up?" For whatever reason, we've always gone to bed together. The routine was never discussed, just something we feel into. One waiting for the other to finish what they're working on to hit the hay. I guess it's just what works for us. But I digress....back to P turning one!

Our little guy's birthday falls the day before Easter this year. So we decided to combine the celebrations. Instead of birthday party with friends and family for P, we'll be celebrating with family as we also celebrate the resurrection of Christ our Lord.  Trying to keep it simple, but special of course. We'll be having an egg hunt for the kiddos, which is always fun. Our cousin Brooke is making a cupcake tower with a small little smash cake for the birthday boy. I can't wait for that. He will be in heaven. The boy LOVES to eat!

I am working on the menu and keep reminding myself that I will be keeping it simple, which shouldn't be too hard with a brunch. We'll see what actually happens though. I ordered the birthday boy a cute little birthday shift from our friend Jen at Preciously Yours Boutique. Can't wait to share it with you all. I also found this cute little birthday boy hat idea on Pinterest and decided it was needed for our celebration. Check out Simply Radiant to see where my inspiration came from. The bunny ears hand band is from the Dollar Store and the party hat I printed from a template I found at Project Nursery. You could easily make your party hat from scrapbook paper. I just happened to like the pattern she had as the downloadable template. I printed it on regular computer paper and adhered it to card stock to make it stronger and easier to roll and glue into my party hat shape. I happen to have card stock numbers on hand. The one thing missing in the picture below is a pom pom I am going to add to the top of the hat. I think it turned out pretty cute. Of course big brother is asking for one. looks like I might be making another one.


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