Medicine Memory Games... No more

The mornings are a crazy time in our house and so are the afternoons and nights and well, I guess it's always crazy. Particularly the mornings though as we are usually trying to get out of the house. The vantage point I have right now is that P wakes up an hour earlier than O. This gives me time to change and make a bottle for P, make a cup of coffee for me and make O's lunch for school. Sometimes, I even manage to give P his breathing treatment in this time frame if I am really on the ball. The craziness begins when O wakes up. He likes to take it slow in the morning and ease into the day. I have to give him a few minutes to wake up before I can even ask him what he wants for breakfast. Once I get both boys settled with something to eat, I turn my focus to dispersing everyones medicine and vitamins (including mine). The Mister is great. He always leaves my Zyrtec and Vitamin C on the counter. This then reminds me to get my Vitamin D and anything else I need to take. Then it's onto the boys... vitamin gummies & Zyrtec for O and Zantac for P. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well unfortunately, not always the case. There is always a curve ball. Lately, we've had a slew of oral steroids for bronchitis and most recently an antibiotic for an ear infection. How is one to remember all of this? Who got what and when. Did I give P this or O that? This morning, I gave P his amoxicillin only to glance in the sink and see a syringe with residual amoxicillin in it. Shoot, I thought! Did I already give it to him this morning? Turns out it was the syringe from last night, Whew! How did I know this? My handy, dandy cheat sheet. I simply mark the bottle each time I give him his dosage. We are suppose to take  it twice a day for 10 days. I wrote 1-10 on the bottle leaving enough space to write an X each dosage under the corresponding day. So simple and so easy.

So far it's kept me on task and from guessing. I will continue to use my cheat sheet moving forward for sure!

No more guessing games for me.
Make it a great day!


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