Personalized Clipboards

These make great gifts. I just made 4 of these for O's teachers at school. I should have waited for teacher appreciation, but just couldn't help myself when I came across the tutorial on Pinterest. Here's the how to:

-Mod Podge (matte)
-paint brush
-scrapbook paper (I used multiple pages/designs)
-scissors or exacto knife
-embellishments (optional)
-paint (optional)

1. Start by tracing the clip board to fit the scrapbook paper(s). The tricky part will be the clamp at the top. I traced the part that I could and eyeballed the rest to cut out so the paper would fit around the opening. Once I figured out the first one, I created a template to have for the rest and for future ones I make.
2. Paint your first coat of mod podge onto your clipboard (I did this in sections, since I used two different paper designs.) and adhere paper. Use the side or heel of your hand to smooth out any bubble or wrinkles. Let dry.
3. Repeat step 2. if you are using multiple paper designs.
4. Use your scissors or exacto knife to trim any excess paper from around the clip board.
5. Next, you are going to apply a light coat of pod podge to your paper covered clip board. Let dry and apply second coat.
6. Once your clip board is dry you can decorate with embellishments. I added a strip of glitter washi tape to separate the two paper designs as well as a quote about teaching I printed out. I covered both of these with a couple of coats of mod podge as well.
7. Lastly and completely optional, I painted the trip of the clipboard with red paint. This was time consuming. To be honest, they don't look bad unpainted. Not sure if I'll paint the trip on the next batch I make. I also left the back of my clipboard blank. You could cover or paint as well.

And there you have it. Fairly early. It does require some patience with the mod lodge. I am not yet a pro with this stuff. I did buy a decoupage tool this time around to help smooth out the bubbles. It was $6.99 at JoAnne's and I had a 40% off coupon. It helped.

Can't wait to find an excuse to make a few more.


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