Counting Down the Days Till Christmas...

It's not like I actually need a daily reminder of how many days there are until Christmas. The inner child in me already knows. It's the crafty mama in me that NEEDED to make this cute little count down charger.

What you'll need:
Charger- I choose red, but you could go with whatever color you want. Also keep in mind that you could used this for other holidays as well.
Chalk paint
Paint brush
Embellishments- I used ribbon. You could also use rhinestones and, scrapbook paper etc. to embellish.

Step 1- Paint the inner circle of your charger. This will take at least 2 coats. I did three. You will need to do these coats throughout the day to give each coat enough time to dry before applying the next coat.
Step 2- Embellish! I kept it simple and just put a bow on the top of mine. I used festive wire ribbon and my trusty glue gun to adhere. 
Step 3- Write your message. In this case it was XX days till Christmas! Need to know how many days till Christmas? .
Step 4- Display, step back and admire.


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