Luigi's First Two Weeks of Shenanigans

It's hard to believe that Luigi has been with us for only 2 weeks. It feels like he's been hanging around much longer. He's been a very busy elf; spending his nights reporting to Santa about the boys and mommy and daddy's behavior. Once all of his work with Santa is complete he sure knows how to have fun. Here is a run down of Luigi's first 2 weeks at our house.

1. Luigi arrived bright and early on Sunday, December 1. He showed up with breakfast for all of us.
2. Milk and candy cane cookies for Luigi's midnight snack.
3. Luigi was bored and colored O a picture with his two favorite colors, red and green.
4. Luigi is a real prankster. Drew a mustache on O's school picture...even left a message telling Owen that he's watching and to be good!
5. Midnight movie? The crazy part is I don't even know who the girl is or how she got in the house. #elfontheshelfgonebad
6. Looks like someone wet for a joy ride last night...
7. Luigi has lots of tricks. He wants to try out for the 2016 Summer Olympics. I wonder if the US Men's Gymnastics team has a spot??
8. Luigi made an appearance at the Sun Trust Holiday party. Look who showed up at last night's holiday party to play bartender...

9. Someone found our sticker stash last night...
10. Luigi took his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends for a late night train ride. All Aboard!
11. I thought this guy was suppose to help bring our gifts. Instead he is picking out gifts for himself. Really Luigi?
12. Story time with Luigi.
13. Counting down till his favorite day of the year!only 11 more a us till Christmas!
14. Look who snuck into our Disney bag...Patrick's bag doesn't make it into the car, but this guy does. I am starting to think he may have had a hand in this incident. 
15. Luigi decided to sleep in this morning and enjoy the plush bedding at his first hotel stay.

Can't wait to see what else this guy has in store for us! Boy does he keep us on our toes!


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