St. Patty's Day Recap

St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. Our lives have evolved just a bit from the good ole' days when we would spend St. Patrick's Day drinking green beer and bar hoping downtown with friends. I am happy to say this year we spent St. Patty's Day on the couch relaxing. I am a bit disappointed I was unable to pull off my St. Patty's Day dinner though. I was going to make homemade Shepard's Pie, but that didn't happen. I DO have a great excuse for not making it... one of my best friends had her baby earlier then expected. So of course when I got the invite to visit at the hospital, I jumped at it. So there you have it, instead of  making a tried and true St. Patty's day dinner, I went to the hospital to visit our new little friend and his mommy and daddy too! Don't ask what me ended up having for dinner because honestly I do not remember. Baby brain is in full swing people.

Patiently awaiting his snack.

O had fun playing with his cars in his new Rainbow Rice Sensory Box


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