St. Patrick's Day Wreath

As promised in my last post... I have completed my wreath. I will be honest, I am not in love with it.

My Valentine's Day wreath came out so much better and I know why. I decided to save a few bucks and I bought a straw wreath. I left it in the plastic thinking it was make it easier to work with. I DON'T recommend this. Next time I will spend the $2 extra dollars and buy the Styrofoam wreath. Smooth surface & much easier to wrap.

At one point, I considered buying a new foam wreath and starting from scratch. It was later that night I realized that both St. Patrick's Day & Easter are in March. Say what! That's when I decided to keep going and finish the wreath ASAP, so I could start working on my Easter wreath.

We are not hosting Easter this year, so I debated even decorating. That internal debate lasted about a half a second. Since I kept all of my St. Patty's decor to our formal dining, I decided to decorate our family room & kitchen for Easter & Spring. The best of both holiday worlds if you ask me!

PS. This in one of my first posts written using my blogger app. The picture part is complicated, but at least I can write on the go now and just upload the pics from my laptop to complete the posts before publishing. Just thought I would share.


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