Spring is Here!

 For us Floridians, Spring is not much of a seasonal change (same goes for Fall). Not to say it's not worth celebrating because with Spring comes Easter and Passover celebrations as well as Spring Break for the kiddos. O is only 2, so Spring Break means nothing to us yet. We are excited for Easter though. We will be spending Easter with our families and are very excited. I have already started brainstorming and buying stuff for all of the kids Easter baskets. I am very excited to watch O hunt for eggs this year. He was still a bit young last year, but did pretty well considering. This year he knows what he'll be looking for. We took some Easter pictures this past weekend and he loved playing with the plastic egg props.

On Monday, I packed away all of the St. Patty's Day decor and broke out my Easter and Spring decor. I don't have a ton, but it was still fun putting it up around the house. Two of my favorite pieces are my Styrofoam egg tree (tutorial here) and the Happy Easter table runner. The table runner, Happy Easter basket along with my Spring burlap banner were after Easter finds at Target 75% off section. What a find!

2012 Easter Egg Hunt. Getting a little help from Mommy & Aunt Courtney.

2013 Easter Shoot with Dancing Daffodils Photography

This year's Easter & Spring decor snapshot.

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Healthy Spring!


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