Kiddo Keepsakes

A friend of mine recently blogged about this subject and it inspired me to share my take and approach on what to do with all the kiddo keepsakes. You know what I am talking about... all of the handmade crafts, colored pictures and other pieces of "artwork" they bring home from school, play dates and make with you at home.

Being that O is not yet 2 or in a full time program somewhere, I don't have piles of his artistic abilities laying around just yet. But I decided to be proactive and do something with the stuff we did have. Because I was not emotionally not ready to get rid of these keepsakes, I decided on the old school method of filing. I figured this system should work for a couple of years. Each year, a new file folder for that year will be created and items, pictures, etc. created that year will be placed in that folder. SIMPLE!

I realized that eventually I will have to re-evaluate this method and may even move to a digital method of keeping these memories. There are so many different ways to do this with websites, apps, photo books, etc. As I mentioned above, my friend Sharon at Mama Chitchat was who inspired me to share my method. She took a different approach, which I encourage you to check out her post Artkive.

To enjoying and making your memories last a lifetime or as long as you want to store them...


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