Re Purposed/ Up Cycled Dessert Platter

Recycle, up cycle, re purpose all very fun words in my opinion. I just think of all the possibilities and I admit I get a little overwhelmed. This particular project I consider a re purpose/up cycle. It was super cheap, easy and now very useful.

I happen to find a set of metal candle stick holders at a thrift shop for a $1.99. I just couldn't pass them up. They were pretty old and beat up, but that was nothing that a fresh coat of spray paint couldn't fix. My first thought was to spray them and keep them as candle stick holders. I had already decided I would paint them red and I thought they'd be a nice addition to my holiday decor. The more I pondered, I decided they would be much more useful as a dessert platter!

  • gloves for spraying
  • Krylon spray paint
  • Krylon clear protective finish
Step 1.
I sprayed my candle stick outside. This was so I wouldn't get over spray on any of my furniture and of course for obvious ventilation reasons. I let the first coat dry for 15 minutes before I sprayed a second coat.
Step 2.
Next, I sprayed a final coat of the Krylon clear protective coat and let dry over night.
Step. 3
The last step in the process was to affix the plate top on top of the candle stick. This was done with a glue gun. I applied a coat of glue to the top of the candle stick and then placed the candle stick to the center of the bottom side of the plate. I let this dry for about 15 minutes. I then applied another coat of glue around the rim of where the candle stick meets the plate.

Note: This should be gently hand washed. I did not submerge in water. I hand washed with a sponge and soapy water.

Now what will be my next re purpose/up cycle project. I encourge you to take a look around your house and see what you can give a new purpose to.


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