My Inugural Pinterest Party

OMG- I can't believe it's been a month today since I hosted my Pinterest party. It seems like so long ago...and it was. September was such a whirlwind and October is proving to be the same way.

So let me start with a disclaimer, I did a horrible job with the picture taking. Matter of fact, I only took one group picture at the start of the party.

So back in August I decided it was time to put some of this Pinterest creativity to use. I created an evite and invited a handful of friends who I knew were active Pinterest users. I decided that since the holidays were quickly approaching it would be fun to add a holiday theme. All of out food came from either my Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas themed boards and all of the projects had to be
one of those themes as well.

Each person was asked to bring a wrapped/bagged Pinterest Project. Each project was to include all the materials (non perishable), complete picture of the project or a link to a picture and instructions.  When guests I number each package and set aside. We spent the next hour socializing, noshing on goodies and making our own set of coasters. This was a project I provided and set up for everyone to complete and have a take home.

There were a total of 7 of us who participated. Which was just the right size in my opinion. Below is our menu, links included to pages.
  1.    Christmas Sausage Wreath-
  2. Pita Tree Appetizer-
  3. Red Velvet Reindeer Droppings -!/2010/02/red-velvet-gooey-butter-cookies.html 
  4. Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle-
  5. Turkey Caramel apple dip-
  6.   Sand witches-
  7. Spider Web Sever Layer Dip-
  8. Apple Julep-
We ate until our bellies were full and we finished our coasters. Now it was time to get your Pinterest Project. Everyone picked a number out of a bowl and was given the Pinterest Project with the corresponding number to take home and make for themselves. Below is the lovely project I got to make! I pulled this picture off Pinterest. I still need to take a picture of the one I made.




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