Labor Day Weekend in Seattle

The Mr. & I spent the long Labor Day weekend in Seattle, Washington celebrating the marriage of two friends, Patrick and Kaylin. The wedding and all of the festivities were just perfect. No details overlooked.

Seattle is an amazing city. I can officially say, "Move over Boston," Seattle has been added to my list of places I would move if it wasn't so far and cold (I'd probably be the only registered Republican for miles, ha, ha). We flew out of Fort Lauderdale early morning on Thursday. Alaska Air just started flying direct in June, so there were no stops. Alaska air is run by Delta. It was a nice flight, besides being almost 6 hours. The staff was very friendly and there seemed to be more leg room then the average coach seat. Note to the wise- we took a red eye home on Alaska Air and sat in the row in front of the emergency exit row. BIG mistake. These seats do not recline! No fun flying 5+ hours trying to sleep in the up right position.

The Mr. and I hit the ground running in Seattle. We did a ton of walking, which was awesome considering we did a ton of eating. The bride and groom put together a list of things to do/see and places to eat on their wedding website. This was such an added bonus. We used this list as our guide throughout the weekend. Every meal we had besides one breakfast and our coffee obsession came off of that list. This made it lots of fun and was also a good feeling knowing we were in for a great meal and culinary experience at every place we dined. There were 5 different restaurants that stood out on our trip that I want to tell you about. I strongly recommend  visiting these places if you ever find yourself in Seattle.

The Pink Door-
(L) Date Night with the Mr. at The Pink Door (R) The Pink Door Main Dining Room
 Amazing Italian cuisine. The prices are moderate to expensive, but well worth the expense. The above picture is the dining room we sat in. There is another room just around the corner and up a few stairs in addition to an outside seating deck. It was way too cold for us Floridians to sit outside.
We started our meal with the  b r u s c h e tta   d e l ’   e s t i va    grilled ciabatta bread w/the ripest summer organic heirloom tomato, basilico, extra virgin olive oil &  sea salt. DELICIOUS!
Next for our main course, I had the  l a s a g n a   p i n k   d o o r     fresh spinach pasta layered with besciamella, pesto and topped with marinara sauce. BEST lasagna I have ever had. Light and melt in your mouth! Mr. had the c h i c k e n   s a l t i m b o c c a   w/ sage, prosciutto &  provolone cheese ~ local greens and a slice of fettunta. Another MELT IN YOUR MOUTH dish!
We were so tempted to have dessert there, but decided to try and find another place. We wanted to experience as much as possible.
(L) Main entrance to The Pink Door off of Alley Post (R) Hard to see, but swing ceiling for late night burlesque entertainment.

Matt's in the Market (Located in Pike's Market)
This was our first official meal in Seattle and a great way to start our trip. It's located in Pike's Market and very busy. It was a little later in the afternoon so we managed to snag a seat only after waiting a couple of minutes. It's a fun environment. The restaurant is full of windows (some propped open) so the view is great! We started with a very tasty hot bacon caramelized onion dip. To die for. I could have just eaten this. Next, for our main meal, I had the Halibut Fishwich- bibb lettuce, sweet onion, meyer lemon tarragon aioli on brioche. The Halibut was lighted breaded and pan seared to perfection! Mr. had the daily lunch special, a tunA melt. No frills, but very delicious. He's not really into seafood, so this was a safe choice for him.

Serious pie-
Honestly my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Not only did we eat here once, but we went back the next day for round 2. We are pizza lovers. We eat pizza every Friday night and know what good pizza is. This my friends is GREAT pizza. Owned by one of Seattle's best and most famous, Tom Douglas, who owns a hand full of restaurants in the area. Serious pie uses locally grown produce for a fresh farm to table approach.
We had the Buffalo mozzarella, red sauce with fresh basil pie. Mmmmmmmmmmm, what I would do for a slice of this now!
This picture does not do it justice. We were so busy eating that I didn't take a picture. If you were there you'd understand!

Oh and did I mention, the second trip back to Serious pie we decided to indulge in a root-beer float...heavenly!

El Guacho-
Um, YES please. Don't let the name fool you. Until I googled it, I was under the impression we were in store for some margaritas and salsa. Surprise, it's a steakhouse. Hands down one of the best fillet I have ever had. It was pink on the inside and cooked on the outside to perfection.  The Mr. actually got off lucky and didn't have to pay for this one. The rehearsal dinner was held in a downstairs dining room at El Gaucho. This place has a really neat vibe. It looks like an old school club from the 60's, but with a modern upscale spin. Think Rat Pack. It had a great bar area in the main dining room and one down stairs where the rehearsal dinner was held. As we were leaving there was live music being set up. Probably a great place to catch a night cap and some live entertainment. The menu is pricey, but if you're looking for a nice night out and a great steak, it's probably worth every penny.

Sweet Iron Waffles-
By far the best breakfast we had in Seattle. I will be honest, most mornings my breakfast consists of coffee. I am just not much of a breakfast person. Maybe I would enjoy breakfast more if this is what I had every morning...

How yummy does this look? Let me describe it as "A Party in my Mouth." I had the bananas fosters waffle and Mr. had the Strawberry waffle. This is such a neat little place and little it was. We barely got a seat. I think there are only 6 or 7 tables in the entire place. We actually went Friday morning, but it was packed and too cold to sit outside. Take two on Saturday was perfect. 

So as you can see from above, we ate very well. I am still shocked I didn't gain any weight. All we did was eat. It must have been all of the walking...Thank God!


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